Wednesday, June 20, 2007


How do you get that section symbol into a document? Well, you can hunt it down under the Insert drop down menu, and select Symbols, then look for it in that maze of symbols, OR...

hold the Alt key and type 0167. (It's like magic.)

Get the © symbol by typing Alt+Ctrl+C.
For more secret codes see :

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Search of email requires a warrant

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in a decision against federal investigators, ruled that the email users have a reasonable expectation of privacy. In Warshak v. U.S.A. the federal government had argued that email stored with service providers could be seized without warrants and without notice to the account holder. The case was heard by a three judge panel, so it could be appealed to the full court of appeals. There is a local connection, as the Boston Globe article mentions that the attorney for the defendant is from Boston, Martin G. Weinberg.
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