Friday, February 27, 2009

Cinema of Law Film Series

Our Berkshire Law Library is happy to present their third annual Cinema of Law series! Films about the law will be shown in the auditorium of the Berkshire Athenaeum again this year on Tuesdays in March. Each of the films in the film series will be introduced by a member of the Berkshire Bar. No admission will be charged.

Dates, films and speakers are as follows:
  • March 10 The Return of Martin Guerre to be introduced by Justice Francis Spina
  • March 17 Witness for the Prosecution to be introduced by Joseph Pieropan
  • March 24 Kramer vs. Kramer to be introduced by Hon. Rudolph Sacco
  • March 31 Norma Rae to be introduced by Kevin Kinne
A presentation will begin at 6 p.m., and the movies will follow. Free Popcorn will be served, and there will be a display of law books related to the subject of the movie from the Law Library’s collection.

Gary Smith and Jack Houghton will be previewing the series on John Krohl‘s radio program “Good Morning, Pittsfield” on WTBR sometime in early March. Law library staff members hope also to have a display related to the film series on the 1st floor of the Athenaeum.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Acts and Resolves 1692-2008 Available

Updated! We reported last month that Acts from 1876-2008 were available online, but now there are nearly 200 more years of coverage.

The Massachusetts Acts and Resolves from 1692-2008 are now available online through the State Library. Apparently this is the product of the partnership with the Joseph P. Healy Library at UMass Boston that was announced last August. These acts are linked from Mass. Primary Law.

Thank you to both libraries for making such a valuable resource available!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Expungement of Record After Dismissal of Complaint OK

Yesterday, in Commonwealth v. Boe, 73 Mass. App. Ct. 647, the Mass. Appeals Court ruled that a district court judge could expunge a criminal record after a complaint was dismissed, and was not limited to sealing the record under MGL c.276, s.100C. "It is one thing to initiate a prosecution against a person who has a colorable involvement in a crime, but it is unacceptably Kafkaesque to initiate a prosecution where that person is disconnected from the charged crime. To allow Boe's name to be carried forward in court records in these circumstances would, as the judge found, constitute a miscarriage of justice, because sealing "does not render the sealed records inaccessible to law enforcement authorities." ... "The judge recognized that the sealing remedy of § 100C was neither applicable nor adequate, and properly applied the purging recognized by statute."

Thursday, February 05, 2009

New titles on education

Two books crossed our desks this week that caught our eye. College and University Law Manual, published by MCLE is arriving at the 17 law libraries. It includes chapters on student discipline, privacy and violence, as well as sections on intellectual property in the context of a university, and of course, a section on Title IX and student athletics. The chapter that caught our eye was on institutional funds, included restricted gifts and endowments. Timely, in light of recent events at Brandeis and other schools. Another chapter covered the issue of academic research compliance and misconduct.
The second book is entitled Disciplining students with behavioral problems in a legally compliant manner, published by National Business Institute. It highlights case law, and has a section on bullying. We also have a topical page on Bullying, which is an issue of recent concern. This title is available at a few locations, but can be borrowed throughout the system.
Remember, we are lending libraries, and you can take most of our materials out for two weeks at a time. Find out how to get a card.