Monday, December 19, 2005

Store Openings on Christmas

We've recently been asked if stores will be open the day after Christmas. MGL ch. 135, sec. 6 says that stores are closed for Christmas. If Christmas falls on a Sunday, the legal holiday is observed on Monday according to MGL. ch. 4, sec 7. WWLP reported that the Attorney General's office "received so many inquiries about what stores can be open that they had the legislature pass a law clarifying the situation." That new law, chapter 165 of 2005, was signed by the Governor on Thursday December 15, 2005. It says, in part, that the exemption from blue law restrictions "shall not apply to any legal holiday as defined in clause eighteenth of section 7 of chapter 4, but this exemption shall apply to the day following Christmas Day when Christmas occurs on a Sunday." It further clarifies, "All stores and shops which sell goods at retail may be open at any time on Sundays and on Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day, but no such stores and shops may be open on Christmas Day if Christmas occurs on a Sunday." More information on blue laws and other retail issues, such as gift certificates and returns, can be found at Law About Shopping and Returns.