Friday, January 20, 2006

Feds Subpoena Search Engine Records

According to today's Boston Globe, Google is fighting a federal subpoena of search engine records. Other sources, including the San Jose Mercury News, which broke the story this week, add that Yahoo, MSN and AOL have already complied with the federal government's request for data. The government is seeking a random sample of one million URL's in Google's database, and all queries entered into Google in a given week. Search Engine Watch provides some clarifying information, and a summary of court proceedings. The issue involves the government's attempt to revive the Child Online Protection Act (CODA), 47 USC 231, designed to prevent access by children to online pornography. The law has been the subject of legal procedings since its passage, and the motion briefly summarizes the previous caselaw. Below are links to several of the cases mentioned in the government's motion: