Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sunday Amusement Licensing

A blue law regarding "Sunday amusements" was changed by a new law, chapter 180 of 2005, passed last week. The new law removes a requirement that owners of "automatic amusement devices" obtain a special Sunday license in addition to any other legal requirements, by adding a subsection to Chapter 140 Section177A saying that Sections 2-4 of Chapter 136 do not apply to automatic amusement devices. Those sections of Chapter 136 appear rather outdated. Section 2, for example, requires a license for "dancing, except folk or square dancing, or any game, sport, fair, exposition, play, entertainment or public diversion for which a charge" is made. According to the Abington Mariner, "Over the years the category of Sunday entertainment licenses grew and has become confusing and cumbersome for the towns. Sunday license fees have doubled and tripled in some towns."