Monday, February 13, 2006

Ticket Scalping Law Loophole

In October 2005, we reported on a pending case against 16 ticket resellers for violation of the ticket scalping law. Now, an article in the Boston Globe on February 5, Anti-Scalping Law Invalid in Boston, Reseller Says, reports "One of the state's largest ticket resellers says it is free to charge whatever it wants for tickets to events in Boston because the Massachusetts antiscalping law doesn't cover the capital city." According to the article, the attorney for Ace Ticket, one of the defendants in the suit, "said the antiscalping statute [Mass. General Laws c.140, s.185A -185G] applies only to events licensed under a specific section of the law [Mass. General Laws c.140, s.181] . But he said all events held in Boston are licensed by the city under a separate statute, and are therefore exempt from the antiscalping law."