Friday, October 06, 2006

Rhode Island Couples May Marry In Massachusetts

Last week, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Thomas E. Connolly ruled that same-sex marriage was not prohibited by Rhode Island law, and therefore Rhode Island same-sex couples are not barred by a 1913 law from marrying in Massachusetts. The case of Cote-Whitacre v. Dept. of Public Health (Suffolk Superior Ct. 04-2656) was before the court on order of the SJC. The decision does not mean that couples may get married in Rhode Island, but just that they may travel to Massachusetts to marry. Obviously, there are many issues for couples to consider, and GLAD has already produced a helpful booklet for Rhode Island couples. Marrying in Massachusetts: A Guide for Rhode Island Same-Sex Couples is a 32-page booklet with sections on making the decision to marry, how to get married in Massachusetts, respect for the marriage, and planning for life after marrying. More information is available at Mass. Law About Same-Sex Marriage.