Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SJC Briefs Available Online!

The Supreme Judicial Court has started to add its case briefs to its public docket information beginning with cases scheduled to be argued at the September, 2007 sitting. The briefs will be linked from the docket sheet for each case. We are told they will be archived there and not removed.

To give you an idea of what the briefs links look like, use the search page to do a search for the docket sheet for Commonwealth Electric vs. Leslie H. MacCardell with Docket Number SJC-09851. Docket sheets are searchable by party name, attorney, docket number, lower court and lower court judge. When the docket sheet appears, scroll down to the section titled BRIEFS.

In this case, there are links to the Appellant's Brief, the Appellee's Brief, and an Amicus Brief.

Sadly, the Appeals Court will NOT be adding briefs to their website.