Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ticket Scalping Law Violated

Quincy District Court Judge Mark S. Coven ruled Monday that Admit One Ticket Agency (doing business as violated the state's anti-scalping law by offering an $85 Red Sox ticket for sale for $500. According to the Boston Globe, "Coven ...ruled Admit One violated the "language and legislative intent of the existing law" by recouping the cost of acquiring the tickets it was reselling and by charging customers a membership fee equal to 15 percent of the sale price. The judge said Admit One paid $225 for the $85 Red Sox-Yankees tickets it was selling and illegally tried to recoup that cost in its $500 resale price. Coven said Admit One's 15 percent membership fee was illusory."

This may spur the legislature to action on pending bills that would amend, or even eliminate the state's anti-scalping law. According to, Massachusetts is one of six states with such laws (the others: Arkansas, Rhode Island, Kentucky, North Carolina and Michigan). More information on ticket scalping is available at Mass. Law About Ticket Scalping.