Thursday, October 04, 2007

Privacy in the news today

A quick reading of today's news reveals several stories relating to privacy and/or electronic information. Release of deceased Boston firefighters autopsy results are being contested in court, showing alcohol and cocaine use. (Globe, Herald) A superior court judge ruled that Channel 7 was barred from reporting the findings.
Then we read that private data, including social security numbers, was released for 450,000 licensed professionals by the state licensing board. (Globe)
Visa is concerned that retailers are not meeting data security standards. (Globe)
And finally, the federal Homeland Security Department's email bulletin apparently sent a flood of over 2.2 million unrelated email messages nationwide. (Globe)
We get many questions about privacy, and have created several topical pages to help.
Medical Privacy, Identity Theft, Internet and Online Privacy, and Employee Privacy are pages that might help you make sense of all the issues.