Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Potty Parity Law Applies to Everyone

Today's Boston Globe reports that some school districts in the state with high schools under construction don't want to comply with the state's "potty parity" law, 248 CMR 10.10(18), which sets out the number of toilets required for men and women at public facilities so that everyone has approximately the same wait time to use the facilities. 

While the regulations clearly set out the number of toilets required for stadiums (1 per 30 women, 1 per 60 men), the Globe reports that "many architects - as well as the plumbing engineers they consult, and municipal plumbing inspectors - had considered school athletic fields to be extensions of school buildings, not separate stadiums." But the state plumbing board disagrees, and is applying the same law to everyone. The regulations do not include exceptions for size of facility or number of days per year it is used.