Monday, June 13, 2011

Eviction Storage Law Limits Distance of Storage Facility

Massachusetts' eviction storage law, MGL c.239, s.4 was amended effective March 16, 2011 by St.2010, c.393. The old law said, in part, that tenants' property 
"shall be stored with the licensed public warehouser identified in the notice provided to the defendant pursuant to section 3, except that the officer shall store the property with a warehouser or other storage facility of the defendant’s choosing if the defendant notifies the officer of his choice in writing at or before the time of removal of the property."
The new law adds a sentence to s.4(a) regarding the distance of a storage facility: 
"the term 'warehouser or other storage facility' shall mean a public warehouse licensed and bonded pursuant to section 1 of chapter 105, located in the commonwealth and within a 20 mile radius of the land or tenements from which the personal property is removed."