Thursday, July 21, 2011

Comments Sought on Proposed Changes to Superior Court Rules

Through September 2, 2011, the Superior Court is soliciting comments on proposed changes to Rule 9A and proposed new rule 30B:
"Chief Justice Barbara J. Rouse of the Superior Court invites comments on proposed (1) changes to Superior Court Rule 9A(b)(5)(ii) that would require a party opposing a motion for summary judgment to cite to pleadings, depositions, etc., in support of an opposition to a motion for summary judgment; and (2) a new Superior Court rule on "Certification of Expert Disclosures" (Proposed Superior Court Rule 30B), which would require that experts who will testify at trial sign the answers to expert interrogatories certifying that the answer accurately states the subject matter(s), the substance of the facts and opinions, and a summary of the grounds for each opinion, to which the expert is expected to testify at trial."