Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hein Online iPhone/iPad App for Law Library Users

If you visit one of our law libraries at least once every thirty days, you can use the new HeinOnline App. Here's how:
  1. In the iPhone/iPad app store, download and install HeinOnline 2012. The app is free.
  2. Go to one of the law libraries, and connect to the wireless network within the library. The network will be named "lawlibrary" or lawlibrary followed by a number.
  3. Once you are connected, open the HeinOnline app. Click on "IP Authentication." This will authenticate you via the library's IP address. You will be able to use the app for thirty days.
  4. At least once every thirty days, go back to a Mass. law library and follow steps 2 and 3 again. This will keep the app working for you.