Tuesday, June 05, 2012

New CORI Law and Procedures for Sealing Records

Two new and really helpful sources on record sealing:
Know Your CORI Rights: Criminal Records Sealing and CORI Reform, Greater Boston Legal Services, 2012. Questions and answers on sealing your record, how to do it, when, why, and when it may not be necessary.
CORI Law Changes Effective May 4, 2012 (District Court Transmittal 1083), Mass. District Court, May 2, 2012. This 8-page document "summarizes the provisions pertinent to the District Court that are effective May 4, 2012, such as changes to the sealing law and the creation of new crimes." Includes forms.
These and many more links to information about the new CORI Law are available at our Mass. Law About Criminal Records.