Friday, July 13, 2012

New Uniform Trust Code and MUPC Amendments

Just when we were getting a handle on the new MUPC, it has been changed once again. Earlier this week, Governor Patrick signed St.2012, c.142, An Act Further Regulating the Probate Code and Establishing a Trust Code, which amends the Uniform Probate Code and creates a new c.203E: Uniform Trust Code, effective July 8, 2012. Fortunately, the Boston Bar Association Trust and Estate Section's blog has done a great job of highlighting both what's new in the Uniform Trust Code and what has changed in the Uniform Probate Code. A million thanks!

In addition, the Mass. Probate and Family Court has issued a new Uniform Fee Schedule, effective July 9, 2012.

You can find links to more sources on estate administration and trusts at Mass. Law About Wills and Estates and Mass. Law About Trusts.