Monday, October 15, 2012

Pro Bono Legal Services to be Offered by Retired Lawyers

The Access to Justice Commission has started a new program that will pair senior lawyers (retired and nearly retired) with nonprofit and legal service organizations to provide assistance to those who need it.  Last week, South Coast Today did a nice story about one of these "Pro Bono Fellows," Eileen Sorrentino,  Retired Mattapoisett lawyer volunteers to help start free legal services program. It says, in part:

"The 69-year-old Mattapoisett lawyer said she plans to work with retired Middlesex County Probate Court Judge Edward Ginsburg, the founder of Volunteer Lawyers Project/Senior Partners for Justice, to offer legal services in Bristol County's three probate courts." 
"She said it hasn't been decided if the program will be launched in New Bedford, Fall River or the Taunton probate courts. But Sorrentino said the hope is that after it is up and running, the program will be replicated in the other two probate courts."...
"Sorrentino envisions enlisting the services of a group of lawyers who will go into the probate courts and represent indigent clients for free once or twice a month."...
"She said many clients don't understand their legal rights or don't know what they're doing. "They don't know how to navigate the system," she said, adding she wants to be there to guide them. "
It will be very exciting to see this program develop over time and across the state.