Friday, November 02, 2012

MUPC Advisory and New and Modified Forms Issued

The Probate and Family Court Department issued a Procedural Advisory on Estate Administration Matters on October 26, 2012. This document provides a general summary of changes to the MUPC as a result of St.2012, c.140, which modified the MUPC and was signed July 8, 2012. The court plans to issue a separate advisory on trust procedures in November. According to the Press Release, the following forms have been changed or added:

"The following forms have been revised:
  • MPC 801- Bond 
  • MPC 255- Petition for Informal Appointment of Successor PR 
  • MPC 760- Order for Informal Appointment of Successor PR  MPC 270- Petition for Formal Appointment of Successor PR 
  • MPC 765- Decree and Order for Formal Appointment of Successor PR 
  • MPC 264- Statement of Resignation of PR 
  • MPC 550- Notice of Informal Probate 
"The following new forms are now available:
  • MPC 455- Assent and Waiver of Notice/Renunciation/Nomination/Waiver of  Sureties 
  • MPC 941- Instructions for MPC 455 "
New and revised forms are included in the Court's main MUPC Forms page More information about the MUPC can be found at our Mass. Law About Wills and Estates