Thursday, November 01, 2012

SJC Releases Report on OUI Acquittal Rates

The Supreme Judicial Court has released the report of Special Counsel R.J. Cinquegrana on acquittal rates for Operating Under the Influence in the Boston Municipal Court and District Court Departments. The inquiry was originally confidential, but, according to the statement of the Justices,

"Because the Report provides a thoughtful and careful analysis of systemic issues that affect the rate of conviction in OUI cases, and presents recommendations that warrant consideration by the Judiciary, prosecutors, police, the Legislature, and the general public, we have decided to release the Report to the public." 
The report itself is nearly 150 pages long, and contains detailed statistical analysis, study of the laws in Massachusetts and other states, and specific recommendations.  This and other reports on the Mass. courts are available at About the Massachusetts Court System.