Thursday, February 21, 2013

A look at our web use for 2012

I have to say, we are proud of the amount of information that we have collected and loaded onto the web, as well as how it is organized. Apparently, it seems to be working. In 2012 our web site had 42,035,129 hits. That means we were on the results page for searches over 42 million times. There were 7,454,671 unique page views to our various pages. We also answered 3,588 email questions from our online form (does not include questions that come directly from patron's email), and provided 4,198 documents upon request. Our cases page, had 1,457,870 page views. That site is the result of untold hours of work by our staff to be sure that Massachusetts appellate decisions are freely available to the people of Massachusetts. Our chat service handled approximately 6300 questions during 2012. We now take questions to chat from your phone's text messaging. We will follow up with our numbers for our brick and mortar locations in a later post. Thanks to our patrons and the people of Massachusetts for making our website so popular. Your input has made it better.