Thursday, March 28, 2013

Attorney General's Div. of Open Government

State-wide enforcement of the Open Meeting Law, for public bodies at all levels of government, is centralized in the Attorney General's Office and the Attorney General created the Division of Open Government to help public bodies understand and comply with the law.

The Division provides training and guidance, responds to inquiries, investigates complaints, and when necessary, makes findings and takes remedial action to address violations of the law.

The March 2013 version of their popular OPEN MEETING LAW GUIDE is available online or in .pdf format.  Also linked from their website are the open meeting law, regulations, information about filing a complaint, written determinations, and FAQs.

A separate webpage has additional resource links including this link to handy checklists for entering into executive session, posting a meeting notice, and creating & approving minutes of meetings.

A list of upcoming Open Meeting Law trainings is also available.