Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Massachusetts Political Facts At Your Fingertips!

What’s a good source for Massachusetts Governmental & Political Facts? Manual for the General Court contains the Constitution of Massachusetts & Amendments with brief legislative history; a list of amendments rejected by the people; Official Oath or Affirmation of Office for every person chosen or appointed to any office in the Commonwealth; lists of Massachusetts legal holidays and proclamations required to be issues annually by the Governor (Keep Massachusetts Beautiful month-May, Whale Awareness Day – First Thursday in May, Home Composting Recognition Week-Second week in October); Congressional, Councillor, Senatorial, Representative Districts; alphabetical list of towns and cities; information on the Judiciary, District Attorneys, and Executive offices; Rules of the House and Senate; Valuation, Population and Voters in Massachusetts; Notes of Rulings on the Massachusetts Constitution, the House Rules and Senate Rules; and fun facts, such as the official Massachusetts polka ("Say Hello to Someone in Massachusetts"), Folk Song (Arlo Guthrie's "Massachusetts"), Bird (Chickadee), insect (Ladybug), and reptile (garter snake). Good Reading!