Monday, April 29, 2013

Housing Court Public Internet Access

In a recent press release, the The Mass. Housing Court announced "the introduction of internet access to Summary Process, Small Claims, Civil and Supplementary Process case types that are currently available to the public.  Case information can be accessed via the Trial Court’s eAccess internet site at"

"The site allows users to conduct searches by case type, case number or case name. Users can find detailed instructions on the Housing Court page of the Trial Court's website. Electronic access to all publicly available case types also continues to be available at public access computers at the five Housing Court divisions and at courthouses throughout the state."

"Public internet access is made available through MassCourts, the Trial Court’s web-based, case management platform now utilized by six of the seven Trial Court departments. MassCourts allows real-time data collection and electronic data exchange with other entities and once fully implemented will replace 14 legacy systems. Internet access also is available to case information in the Land Court and to estate cases in the Probate and Family Court."

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