Monday, May 13, 2013

"Appealing" Assistance

When you consider appealing the final decision in your court case, our libraries have useful resources to help you be effective in Massachusetts state and federal courts.

For Massachusetts state court cases
For appeals under the Mass. Rules of Appellate Procedure: sample notice of appeal. (Appellate Rule 3 sets out the content for a notice of appeal.)

Sample defendant’s notice of appeal in an eviction case (also provides instruction for initiating an eviction appeal.)

Massachusetts District/Municial Rules Appellate Division Appeals Rule 3: Appeal-How Taken (describes the required content of the notice in an Appellate Division appeal.)

Information for appeals under the Mass. Rules of Appellate Procedure:  Clerk’s Guide to Appeals for Lawyers & Self-Represented Litigants (from the Massachusetts Appeals Court Clerk's Office. Besides useful information, includes links to sample forms such as the notice of appeal, certificate of service, table of authorities, and certificate of compliance.)

For Federal court cases
You can link to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Federal Court Local Rules for the First Circuit and Appendix of Forms (Appendix of Forms contains sample notices of appeal.) 

Information for appeals under the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure:
You can link to Forms and Instructions (from the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. Includes instructions for: Briefs and Appendices, Case Opening, In Forma Pauperis, and Miscellaneous Matters, such as "Ten Pointers for An Appeal".)

Print and CD Resources
Appellate Practice in Massachusetts (MCLE-state and federal appeals)
Effective Appellate Advocacy (MCLE seminar on CDs)
Appellate Procedure (Massachusetts Practice Series, vol. 41, state appeals)