Sunday, June 09, 2013

Adieu, Marnie Warner

On June 28th, Marnie Warner, Law Library Coordinator for the Massachusetts Trial Court, will retire.  Her career as a Law Librarian spans almost forty years, most of them in the service of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Hired as the first Law Library Coordinator under the landmark 1978 Court Re-organization Act, it was her vision, her boundless energy, and her heartfelt concern for all whom she supervised that transformed seventeen county law libraries (read here, seventeen fiefdoms) into a unified system of professionals.  These professionals, with Marnie's leadership and the continuing support of the Trial Court, have worked to ensure that legal information is available to the bench, the legal community and the general public.  Part of our mission statement reads "access to justice without access to information is meaningless."  As I write these words, I hear Marnie's voice.

For all you have done for the citizens of this great Commonwealth, your colleagues say "thank you" and promise to carry on the work of the Trial Court Law Libraries.

And for me, Marnie, so long it's been good to know you.