Thursday, August 22, 2013

Forming a Nonprofit Corporation in Massachusetts

The Digital Media Law Project (DLMP) has created a great resource for Forming a Nonprofit Corporation in Massachusetts.  The DLMP is one of Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society’s many projects. DLMP’s Massachusetts Summary Page has links to other helpful legal guides.
For a prospective Board of Directors contemplating forming a nonprofit corporation, the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s searchable Corporate Database can be an aid in the early stages. All the required filings of any named business entity are available online, including other nonprofit’s Articles of Organization.

The Guidebook for Boards of Directors of Massachusetts Nonprofits is another primer describing the essentials of incorporation. It goes on to detail the fundamentals of running the corporation, including discussion of the duties and liabilities of Board Members and acquisition of tax exempt status. This 72 page booklet is published by Massachusetts Continuing Education (M.C.L.E.).   Massachusetts Nonprofit Organizations is a 2 volume set also published by M.C.L.E.

“Massachusetts Law about Corporations” makes reference to Nolo books about nonprofit corporations which are available at your local Trial Court Law Library.
Chapter 180 of the Massachusetts General Laws, titled  “Corporations for Charitable and Certain Other Purposes,” is the underpinning for all of the above primers and manuals.