Friday, August 09, 2013

Probate and Family Court Releases New Forms and Informational Material for Amended Rule 412

In a July 31, 2013  press release posted on its website, the Probate and Family Court  announced the release of new forms and informational material as a result of changes to Rule 412 of the Supplemental Rules of the Probate and Family Court.  Links are provided to the Rule as well as to the new forms and informational material.

"Effective August 1, 2013, Rule 412 will allow parties to jointly request modification of a judgment or temporary order of the Probate and Family court where the parties are in agreement, the agreement is in writing, and all other requirements of the Rule are met.  The changes to the Rule will allow the Probate and Family Court to handle more cases administratively."

As posted earlier on July 03, 2013 by the Trial Court Law Library in New Bedford, "Rule 412 and all other Massachusetts court rules can be found at Massachusetts Rules of Court.  The Supplemental Rules of the Probate and Family Court EBook is now available as well as other EBooks for download to mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers from our EBooks page.  There you will find instructions for downloading, installing and using the EBooks."