Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where Will All the Boomers Go and How Will They Get There?

Although they never thought it would happen, the Boomers are rapidly transitioning into Seniors.  As they do they face many choices with legal implications, including whether to age in place, downsize, move to a condo, a 55 plus community or a continuing care retirement community.  Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education recently held a seminar about Real Estate Issues for Boomers and Seniors.  Besides these traditional housing options and their financial pros and cons, alternatives such as Senior Cohousing and niche retirement communities are discussed. 

Besides the where of retirement, the more crucial question for many is the how.  For most people the how involves a combination of public and personal resources.  Our libraries have very technical, as well as more user friendly material offering guidance on getting the most out of the resources available to support all aspects of retirement living.