Monday, August 26, 2013

Who is the best lawyer for my case?

Every day our libraries get asked this question .  We always say, of course, that we cannot ethically recommend specific lawyers.  We often add that we really don't know who the "best" attorney is anyway.  People asking us for recommendations often seem to think we really do know the "top five" in various fields and that with a little more coaxing, we will divulge the "list" of names to them.  We always strive to answer our patrons' questions, but this, alas, is one request we cannot fulfill.

What we can do to assist people in finding appropriate lawyers is direct them to our Find a Lawyer in Massachusetts webpage. There are links on this page that let you search by practice specialty, location, for legal aid and for information about Limited Assistance Representation.  People starting their search would benefit from reading the Massachusetts Bar Association's Tips on Choosing a Lawyer.  Two other discussions about what is important to consider when picking an attorney are How to Find an Excellent Lawyer from and Choosing the Right Lawyer from 

Hopefully, spending the time reading about the many factors to consider in making an attorney selection will result in a better informed consumer of legal services.