Monday, September 09, 2013

I was just wondering ...

      How does one start the process of divorce?  Where can I find information on probating an estate?  Are there any resources out there that can help me research legislative history?  What exactly are the rules about wearing white after Labor Day?

      With the exception of the Labor Day dilemma many of these answers can be found on our website.  For instance, the Law About section on the website lists a variety of topics that  link you directly to the General Laws, guided forms and court rules.  If you have a trial court library card you can access U.S. Statutes at Large as well as over 1,800 legal periodicals through Hein Online.   Another valuable resource is the self help books accessible through NOLO.  Besides the many free articles that NOLO offers, your trial court library card allows entry to over 300 of their publications.   Last but not least is the wealth of information available right here in our blog,  just use the "Search" tool on the upper right side to find a variety of links and articles on numerous topics and practice areas.
     In case you're curious about the wearing of the white, I went right to the source of Ms. Manners herself.