Monday, October 21, 2013

Civil and Superior Court Rules eBooks updated, e-discovery emphasized

The Rules of Civil Procedure have been updated to address issues of electronic discovery.  Drawing on the revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the courts have tried to address the growing amount and complexity, and dynamic aspects of data that can be shared in discovery.  The goals, as identified by the Federal Courts are : 
"to (1) provide early attention to electronic discovery issues, (2) provide better management of discovery into electronically stored information, (3) set out a procedure for assertions of privilege after production, (4) clarify the application of the rules relating to interrogatories and requests for production of documents to electronically stored information, and (5) clarify the application of the sanctions rules to electronically stored information."
The Rules of Superior Court have added language regarding service by mail in Rule 9A.
The new rules have been uploaded as eBooks once again.  You can download the rules on our eBooks page.
For web access see our Court Rules page.