Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I love it, now can I return it?

Christmas, at its best, is a religious holiday. It is the most holy day to Christians around the world. It is also a day when gifts are given and received. Now that all the presents have been purchased, given and received, knowing the ins and outs of the various return policies can make life a lot easier. A seller can have any policy for returns, including no returns, as long as it is clearly posted in a conspicuous place before the transaction takes place. Many of us have given up trying to figure out what to buy and have turned to a gift certificate. They now have a minimum expiration date of not less than seven years, and it there is not date listed, it lasts forever. This does not, however, appy to gift cards which can have a shorter expiration date of five years and incur fees. For more information, visit our webpage on shopping.