Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get Tax Refunds Back Faster! DOR Offers Free Tool for Filing Your MA Personal Income Tax Return Early

On January 22, 2014, the Department of Revenue's free online tax preparation and file program WebFile for Income opened.  Taxpayers or their professional tax preparers who use commercial software programs and e-file their state income tax returns can hit the send button on January 29th, two days before the IRS begins accepting federal tax returns.

“Our online filing program is a great way for taxpayers to get a jump on filing their state tax returns”, said Commissioner Pitter.  “The easy to use software program is secure, reduces errors and helps taxpayers identify tax credits and exemptions they may not know they can take which can increase the amount of their refund.”

The average turn-around time for processing electronically filed tax forms is less than 6 days compared to more than 18 days for mailed tax forms.  WebFile for Income also sends instant confirmation that the Department has received returns and the information taxpayers enter on their returns this year will automatically be transferred to use for future returns.  One of the best features of WebFile for Income is that it lets taxpayers track the progress of their refund.

The Department of Revenue encourages all taxpayers to e-file their returns.  Helpful tax information, tips, how to choose a tax preparer and instructional videos will be posted on DOR's "Filing Zone" webpage throughout the filing season.

For additional information, see DOR's press release and our webpage "Massachusetts Law About Taxation."