Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year from the Law Librarians of the Massachusetts Trial Court!

Happy New Year from the Law Librarians of the Massachusetts Trial Court! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Here are a few suggestions…
Wondering what the latest Massachusetts Rules of Court are? Here’s the link.

Looking to change your child support? Take a look at our Law about Child Support and Modifications page.

Did you know there are other Limited Assistance Representation programs as well? Click on this link.

Have you looked at our Find a Lawyer webpage? There are some great resources there as well.
If you’re an attorney, have you been thinking of moving from a large or medium sized law firm and going solo? You might want to borrow this book, Hanging Your Shingle.

And, of course, resolve to visit your nearest Trial Court Law Library to borrow the latest MCLE, Suffolk, Lexis and West materials. Can’t get there soon enough? Don’t forget, with your patron card, you have access from your home or office to the Hein Online journal database, to the Nolo SelfHelp Law books database and to Retrievelaw, a database that gives you access to Federal and Massachusetts primary law. You can even use your Law Library card to order titles that may be located at another Law Library location and have them delivered to your nearest Trial Court Law Library.

And if you haven’t seen any New Year’s resolutions that peak your interest, check out the suggestions at USA.Gov’s website.
Best wishes to you for a safe, Happy and Healthy New Year!!!