Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's all fun and games until someone get hurt.

As it gets warmer, people start going outside to enjoy the nice weather. If you or your child gets hurt however, who is the responsible party? What should the trial strategy be? One source to look at for answers is Am. Jur. Trials. The latest addition to this series contains the article, Litigating injury claims against municipalities as to parks and recreation facilities (133 Trials 1).  Included are sample pleadings, interrogatories, opening and closing statements, and jury instructions. It also directs the reader to other sources for additional information. For example, Liability of state or local governmental entity for injury sustained or caused by persons sledding, tobogganing, coasting, or otherwise sliding on snow on government land (29 A.L.R. 6th 369) and Cause of action for park or playground injuries against municipality raising immunity defense, (23 COA 275). If you would like to see or use any of these sources, plan a trip to your local Trial Court Law Library. We are free, open to the public, and lend most of our materials.