Sunday, April 20, 2014

Real estate financing

There has been a lot of discussion regarding foreclosure, but what about the mortgage itself? What are the laws and regulations that govern the origination and the terms of mortgage loans? The treatise Mortgage Lending is one place to turn for the answers. Published by the National Consumer Law Center, it covers both federal and state regulations. The chapters range from Analyzing a mortgage lending case, Reverse mortgages and  Mortgage litigation, to Federal laws that apply to abusive mortgage lending. Another resource is the treatise Mortgage lending compliance published by LexisNexis. This book focuses on compliance with the federal and state laws. Complete with commentary and exhibits, this treatise covers first and secondary one-to-four family residential mortgages. It comes with a CD that contains the entire book as well as many appendixes. These books, along with many others on the subject, can be borrowed at any Trial Court Law Library.