Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Check Out Some New MCLE Titles

Recently three new books were published by the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education.  The Bankruptcy Practice in Massachusetts is a one volume loose-leaf publication which covers the distinction between a chapter 7, 11, and 13 case, automatic stay, claims and priority of distribution, means test, discharge, exemptions, and Chapter 11 and 13 plans.  Sample forms are contained on an accompanying CD.
Two new sourcebooks were released in paperback form.  Massachusetts Elder Law Sourcebook and Citator and Massachusetts School Law Sourcebook and Citator follow the format of earlier sourcebooks as they contain relevant statutes, case citations and digests, and regulations.  The elder law volume also has a listing of agencies and organizations that provide support services for senior citizens as well as several sections from the POMS Manual (SSI program manual).   The sourcebooks provide a comprehensive source for the primary federal and Massachusetts law on these topics.

All of these books may be "checked out" (borrowed) from any Massachusetts Trial Court law library.