Friday, August 29, 2014

Medical Marijuana on Campus

Effective January 1, 2013, Massachusetts passed St.2012, c.369 allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. However it may not be legal at some college campuses. UMass Amherst along with Amherst and Smith Colleges are barring the use on campus.
Pursuant to UMass Code of Student Conduct Trustee Doc. # T-94-059 Although Massachusetts law permits the use of medical marijuana, federal laws prohibit the use, possession, and/or cultivation of marijuana at educational institutions. Federal laws also require any institution of higher education which receives federal funding to have policies prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana on campus. The use, possession, or cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes is therefore not allowed in any University housing or on any other University property.

UMass has not been informed of any students who need access to the drug according to UMass Amherst Spokesman Ed Blaguszewski, “If a case comes up we will certainly review and discuss it. An arrangement between a doctor and a patient is a private matter so if this occurs in the privacy of someone’s home off campus, that, as far as we know is perfectly fine,”

The use of marijuana is illegal under federal law said Blaguszewski and federal law is tied to federal dollars. The University says many of their students receive federal grant money and that a policy of accepting medical marijuana could jeopardize that funding.

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