Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Seems like this old time bedtime warning is harder and harder to heed. Bed bug infestations are rampant in many areas of the country. In Massachusetts, landlords are responsible for eradicating insects as required by the State Sanitary Code. 105 CMR 410.550: Extermination of Insects, Rodents and Skunks, 105 CMR 410.750:, and starting at 105 CMR 410.820: Inspection Upon Request. Mass Legal Help has written "Help! I have bedbugs in my apartment!" which contains a plain language discussion, based on the CMR, which can guide the unlucky tenant through the steps to take when faced with this itchy situation. Our website has extensive information about Landlord Tenant information. Massachusetts Law About Landlord and Tenant is a good place to start.