Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Motor Vehicle Registration Regulations

Pursuant to Chapter 178 of the Acts of 2012, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has amended the motor vehicle registration regulations (540 Code of Mass. Regulations 2.05) by adding subsections (8)(a) & (8)(b).  An individual registering a motor vehicle or trailer in his or her own name must provide their full name and address, date of birth, as well as a driver's license or a Mass ID card issued under Mass. General Laws chapter 90 sec. 8E or their social security number.  If the applicant does not possess any of these forms of identification, he or she must provide proof of legal residence in Massachusetts.  A list of acceptable documents for meeting the residence requirement is found in the RMV's Driver's Manual.  The new regulations also govern exemptions for out-of-state students, military personnel, senior citizens and disabled persons.