Wednesday, February 06, 2013

SJC Rule 4:02 Amended

SJC Rule 4:02 (9)(b) has been amended effective March 1, 2013 to permit in-house counsel to provide pro bono publico legal services. The new (9)(b) reads:
As used in this section 9, "to engage in the practice of law as in-house counsel" means to provide on behalf of a single organization (including a governmental entity) or its organizational affiliates any legal services that constitute the practice of law. Notwithstanding this limitation, such in-house counsel may provide pro bono publico legal services without compensation or expectation of compensation as described in Rule 6.1 of the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct (S.J.C. Rule 3:07) under the auspices of either (1) an approved legal services organization (as defined in paragraph (8)(c) above) or (2) a lawyer admitted to practice and in good standing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.