Friday, March 15, 2013

The other side of our services

Libraries love statistics. We look on them as a measure of our success and a way to measure our business. We are in the business of providing information and resources, and we like to know how we are doing. We count lots of things, and we count the different ways we do them. As public libraries, we lend books, disks and other materials. We also answer questions (did you know we do live chat reference?), and have a document delivery service. So, here are a few numbers from our brick and mortar locations.
282,188 people visited our 17 locations in 2012.
53,065 questions were answered.
51,372 items were borrowed.
Last month we told you about our electronic services and totaled up web page hits, documents delivered, chat questions, and all the things we do in front of a keyboard. So if you are one of the people who helped us get to those totals, thanks for using our services.
We enjoyed providing them.