Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Motorcycle season, time to hit the road

Now that the good weather has finally come, the call of the open road is beckoning. For many people this means motorcycles. Once the province of Hells Angels and other motorcycle clubs, the increasing cost of gas as well as the feeling of freedom, have made motorcycles more mainstream. With this shift, has come an increased need for more motorcycles to buy and more motorcycles to repair, and the area of motorcycle products liability litigation has risen exponentially. So what kinds of defects are there? And whom do you sue? For the answers to these and more, the new volume of Am Jur Trials has a new article on this very subject. It has case intake and investigation, sample pleadings, discovery and trial documents to get you started. It also directs you to other secondary sources to expand your research. Material such as “Proof of defect in design and/or manufacture of motorcycle”, 125 Am Jur Proof of facts, 3rd 197 and “Cause of action in strict tort liability for injury caused by defective motorcycle”, 20 Causes of Action 711. These books, along with many others, can be borrowed from your local Trial Court law library.