Saturday, October 05, 2013

Top Ten Books or Resources available at the Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries

10  Family Law Advocacy for Low and Moderate Income Litigants
        How-to written for self-represented litigants, covers all aspects of divorce and other family law matters.
9    Legal Tactics: self defense for tenants in Massachusetts
       Go-to source for information about landlord tenant law, written from the tenants’ point of view but this source can be helpful to landlords also.
8   Your Rights on the Job
      Answers most questions about labor law in Massachusetts. For the remaining questions, Jeffrey Hirsch’s Labor and Employment in Massachusetts is good.
7   Black’s Law Dictionary
     Learning the meaning of words in their legal sense can point the way to a better understanding of a problem. Words are sometimes defined in the statutes themselves for a specific instance, but Black’s is a good tool to remember to use.
6   Suppression Matters under Massachusetts Law
     One of the most circulated books in our libraries. In the criminal realm, a guide to analyzing, preparing and judging motions to suppress evidence, statements, and identifications in the context of constitutional protections unique to Massachusetts.
5   Massachusetts General Laws Annotated  or Annotated Laws of Massachusetts
     Codifications of Massachusetts statutes published by leading legal publishers, Thomson Reuters (West) and LexisNexis, with annotations detailing histories of the statutes,     secondary source references and relevant case notes.
4   Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (M.C.L.E.) manuals
      Affectionately known as the blue puffies, a series of manuals written for lawyers that follow case from complaint to post-trial remedies for various Massachusetts Courts and specific practice areas.
3   Massachusetts Practice series
      57 titles, some with multiple volumes, providing analysis of the full scope of Massachusetts law, including forms, rules, and instructions for civil and criminal procedure, written by practicing attorneys, law professors, and judges.
2   Westlaw and Lexis online
      The two primary online legal research services which provide access to databases of case law from all jurisdictions, state and federal statutes, administrative codes, law journals, treatises and legal forms.  
1   Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries’ website at
     Your gateway to free Massachusetts primary source law, Trial Court Law Library services including “Ask A Librarian!”, and the “Massachusetts Law About . . .” web pages.

This is today’s list. Tomorrow’s list could be different.