Monday, January 13, 2014

New Titles in Family Law

Have an upcoming Family Law matter? We have great new resources for you!

Temporary Orders & Discovery Issues in Family Law Cases (MCLE 2013) Tips from practitioners & pointers by a judge, covers the nuts & bolts of Motion Practice for Temporary Orders (64 exhibit samples), Discovery (40 exhibit samples), The Role of Temporary Order in Divorce Cases, and Streamlined Discovery Techniques (15 document samples).
Leveraging Pretrial Preparation to Resolve Divorce Cases Short of Trial (MCLE 2013) Covers law and pointers on Financial Statements (7 exhibit samples), Discovery (40 exhibit samples), Division of Estate (2 exhibit samples), Use of Experts (4 sample exhibits, including sample direct and cross examinations), Valuation (3 exhibits), Pretrial Hearings (addresses this under-discussed procedural step, 16 sample exhibits), Separation Agreements (9 exhibit samples), and Drafting of Prenuptial Agreements and Separation Agreements (6 samples).
16th Annual Conference Family Law 2013 (MCLE 2013) Covers Caselaw & Legislative Update 2013, Business Valuation, Using the Family Service Clinic, Health Insurance Coverage After Divorce & Health Insurance and Family Transitions After Health Reform, The Role of Children, Alimony: Practice One Year Out, Mediation and Other Dispute Resolution Alternatives (7 exhibit samples).
Trying Divorce Cases in Massachusetts (MCLE 3rd ed. 2013) A new edition of a popular favorite! From Client Intake all the way to After the Trial, with 76 sample exhibits.
Facing Complex Issues in Family Court (Suffolk 2013) Includes complex evidentiary issues such as Competency and Privileges, as well as Social Media and Email, Advising Family Law Clients in the Digital Age, and sample forms such as Motion in Limine to Prohibit Introduction of Unauthorized Evaluations of the Minor Child, Motion in Limine re: GAL Reports, Motion in Limine and Proposed Order to Preclude the Defendant from Presenting Testimony of Late Disclosed Expert Witness.
Modern Families: Effective Advocacy for Lesbian & Gay Clients (MCLE 2013)  Includes Latest Update and Developments in the Law, Modern Families: Effective Advocacy for Gay & Lesbian Couples, and Relevant Massachusetts General Laws.
How to Try a Removal Case (MCLE 2013) Revelant Caselaw and Checklist of Potential Areas for Discovery. Also available as seminar CDs

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Good Reading!