Friday, February 07, 2014

Renew your own books using our online catalog

Do you forget when your books are due? Do you forget to renew your books?  Do you want to avoid receiving email or mailed overdue notices, or worse, having your borrowing privileges suspended?

If you are a person who forgets due dates, sign up to receive automatic reminders before your books are due using Library Elf.

Renewing your own books is simple using our online catalog., but it must be done before they are overdue. From any page of the Trial Court Law libraries website, click on Library Catalog in the left margin. Select the tab marked "My Account."  Enter your library card number (on the back of your library card) and press "Enter."  Click on "Items Out."  Put a check mark beside the items you want to renew, and then click on "Renew."  Caveat:  Books can only be renewed once.

If your books are already overdue but you need to renew them,  call any of the Trial Court Law Libraries and a staff member will assist you.