Friday, June 13, 2014

Election Reform Bill Signed into Law to Allow Early Voting and Online Voter Registration

Governor Patrick signed House Bill 3788, An Act Relative to Election Laws, Acts of 2014, Chapter 111 into law on May 22, 2014. Some of the features to be introduced over several years are: online registration of voters; preregistering at age 16 and 17 for voting upon reaching age 18; and an online portal to check your voter status, polling location and the state and federal elected official who represent you.

Starting in 2016, it will permit an early voting period for biennial state elections in November and other elections held in conjunction with those state elections - up to 11 business days before an election and until the close of business on the business day preceding the business day before the election. Early voting by mail will be an option.

Among other features, it also provides for post-election audits and an Elections Task Force to study additional election issues.

For a report of the bill's provisions and signing, see Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signs early voting into law at

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