Monday, June 09, 2014

Do Not Call List

The steak is done, the salad has been tossed, the wine poured and you and your guest are about to sit down for a delicious meal when the phone rings. Busy talking, you pick it up without checking the id, and you hear, "Hello this is XYZ window company and do we have a deal for you!" As you try to politely get rid of the caller, they go on, "and just for you, we are having a special. Buy two windows and get the third one free!" Now completely annoyed, you hang up muttering there has to be something you can do to stop this. Well there is, at least for those calls from people trying to sell you something. The National-do-not call registry should stop those phone calls. If you can not remember if you signed up or not, you can check their website here. Massachusetts also has a do-not-call list, located here. And for more information, the Trial Court Law Libraries have a webpage about telemarketing. But what happens if the calls continue? Is there anything that can be done? In the treatise, 62 COA 2d 601, there is an article that discusses that issue. Entitled, Cause of action for violation of national do-not-call registry and entity-specific do-not-call list requirements pursuant to telephone consumer protection act it explains the requirements needed to file a lawsuit. Included is a sample complaint, a sample answer, interrogatories, and more. To borrow this book, visit one of the 17 Trial Court Law Libraries. Even if the library closest to you does not own this book, they can borrow if from one that does.